Our garments are crafted from Hima-Layer™, an incredibly soft 100% yak wool fabric with remarkable properties.

Whether you’re heading off for a leisurely hike, running trails or hitting the ski slopes, Hima-Layer™ will keep you comfortable.

That’s because it helps to regulate your body temperature. It keeps you warm in freezing conditions. But it’s also extremely breathable and wicks moisture efficiently, so when the weather heats up you’ll stay cool and dry.

Ethically sourced from herder communities, it’s naturally anti-bacterial too, so unlike synthetic garments it will stay odour-free for days at a time.

Yak wool vs Merino
Hima-Layer™ has been lab-tested extensively by scientists alongside merino, the natural fabric most often used in performance garments. The results are astonishing.

Yak wool is:
• 40% warmer than merino
• has 66% greater air permeability
• has 17% greater water vapour permeability.

Why is this? Well, regular sheep live at a few hundred metres altitude. Merino sheep live at around 1000m. But yaks live at a staggering 4000 to 5000m.


Yaks have survived these extreme conditions for thousands of years. Nature has fine-tuned their wool through natural selection - in what amounts to the most arduous Research & Development programme on the planet.


So it’s not surprising that Hima-Layer™ is the best all-round performance base layer fabric for outdoor pursuits.