kora™'s Hima-Layer™ fabric is made from yak wool sourced from the high altitude Himalayas. kora™ has spent years developing direct relationships with herder communities, intensively researching the properties of yak wool, and developing a unique production process. We have also tested countless prototypes. The result is a high performance, 100% natural fabric that is available exclusively in our products.

This is the first time that yak wool - a rare, speciality fibre, has been developed into a high performance fabric for outdoor use. There have been many challenges, but the fabric has exceeded our expectations. Weight for weight, the kora™ Hima-Layer™ 230gsm fabric is 40% warmer than the most commonly used natural performance fabric: merino. It has 66% greater air permeability and 17% greater water vapour permeability. Incredibly soft next to the skin and light, It also wicks moisture efficiently and has the same odour resistance properties.

This means that for the first time you can have a natural performance fabric that is soft, AND extremely wicking and breathable. We are really excited to launch our first range of garments using this new fabric. You can see them in detail in our SHOP.