The kora story

kora was born out of a passion for the mountains and its people. Mountain habitats are fragile and the livelihoods of mountain peoples increasingly precarious.
Our mission is two-fold. We aim to make the world’s finest apparel for outdoor adventurers, while also supporting economic sustainability and environmental protection in the Himalayas by generating a reliable income for the yak herders who supply our wool.

kora’s story began when founder Michael Kleinwort met nomadic herders while trekking in the Himalayas. He wondered whether yak wool - a material evolved to protect its wearer in extreme conditions - might be suitable for use in outdoor apparel. After all, it has been keeping nomads warm and dry for thousands of years.

What he discovered next defied all expectations. Extensive laboratory and field testing showed that yak wool is a truly remarkable fibre: luxuriously soft, warm, light, with excellent wicking and natural anti-bacterial qualities. Crucially, it is also highly breathable, enabling the body to cool or warm as needed.
We’ve created the first and only technical clothing range for outdoor adventurers that harnesses these versatile qualities. The fabric we’ve developed, Hima-Layer™, uses wool which is ethically and sustainably sourced from herders. It’s available exclusively in kora garments.

Where does the name kora™ come from? 
A kora is a Tibetan word for the circumambulation of a sacred mountain or place, undertaken by pilgrims to pay homage to nature and the mountain deities. Follow our story by signing up to our newsletter, liking us on Facebook or Twitter

Follow our story by signing up to our newsletter.