The kora story

kora™ was born out of a passion for the mountains and importantly its people. Mountain habitats are fragile and the livelihoods of mountain peoples increasingly precarious; kora™ aims to support economic sustainability and environmental protection in these regions by generating revenues for remote Himalayan mountain communities. kora™ has identified properties in yak wool highly suitable for base layers worn in the outdoors. Through a rigorous programme of laboratory testing and long-term wear trials, kora™ has developed a range of clothing using its unique, natural, high performance fabric - Hima-Layer™ - that harnesses and maximises these performance benefits for the outdoor adventurer.

Where does the name kora™ come from? 
A kora is a circumambulation of a sacred mountain or place, and is undertaken by pilgrims to pay homage to the mountain deities and to Nature. kora™ aims to bring value full circle in this way to the communities where we source our wool.

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