ShoLa 230 Zip

ShoLa 230 Zip

kora™ ShoLa Zip - Men's

Our ShoLa Zip is the perfect companion for outdoor adventures.

Each piece is crafted from Hima-Layer™, our unique, mountain and laboratory-tested fabric made from the finest 100% yak wool. It’s versatile enough to keep you warm at -30C, but dry and cool at 18C.

The kora ShoLa Zip will keep you comfortable from autumn to late spring, whether you’re tackling trails or passes on foot or bike, climbing rock faces or descending powder runs.

Hima-Layer™ fabric is not only 40% warmer than merino equivalents, it’s more breathable with 66% better air permeability and 17% better water vapour transmission.

  • Regulate your body’s microclimate
    Hima-Layer™ keeps you warm in extreme cold and when the temperature rises it keeps you cool, by allowing air to reach your skin.

  • Keep dry and odour-free
    Hima-Layer™ wicks moisture from the skin quickly and efficiently. It’s naturally anti-bacterial too, so your ShoLa Zip won't smell, even after days of wear.

  • Luxurious comfort
    The ShoLa Zip is soft like cashmere against your skin. It has anti-chafe seams, positioned off the shoulder so they won't get in the way of pack straps.

  • Be protected from the elements
    Built-in, 40+ UPF sun protection. Designed for a close fit, with a high neck and long body to keep the cold out.
  • Travel light
    Because yak wool is warmer, you need less of it. Hima-Layer™ 230gsm is lighter yet warmer than a merino 260gsm fabric.

  • Every garment is unique to you
    Each ShoLa Zip has a one-of-a-kind trim detail featuring a colourful motif inspired by the Himalayas, while contrast seams over the shoulder and arms signify a kora: the circumambulation of a sacred mountain.

Our wool is ethically and sustainably sourced from nomadic herders on the Himalayan plateau.

Stress-free returns and exchanges
If you order the wrong size or just change your mind, you can return items within 90 days for a refund or exchange. Items must be in their original packaging (with tags still attached), unused and not damaged or rendered non-saleable. Find out more about returns, refunds and exchanges.

Caring for your kora
Machine wash at 30°C on a wool cycle. Line dry in the shade.

Honouring Sho’La
Our ShoLa range pays homage to Sho’La, the last pass on Mount Kawa Karpo from Yunnan Province into the Tibet Autonomous Region. It’s famous for its steep ascent and changeable weather conditions. In a moment, a calm day can become a violent blizzard with whiteout conditions, high winds and freezing temperatures. Pilgrims consider crossing it a great blessing.

Hima-Layer™ fabric
kora™ base layers are made using kora’s own Hima-Layer™ fabric which is made from yak wool collected on the Himalayan plateau. Through thousands of years of evolution, the yak has developed an astonishing fibre as protection against the extreme low temperatures of this high-altitude environment.

Temperature regulation
As well as being 40% warmer than merino, Hima-Layer™ fabric is extremely breathable, so when the temperature rises, the fabric is exceptional at helping you cool down; supporting your body’s own microclimate and ensuring your core body temperature stays stable.

For maximum performance, a base layer must excel at allowing fresh, dry air to circulate. Tests have shown that kora™ Hima-Layer™ fabric has 66% greater air permeability than merino.

Moisture control
kora™ Hima-Layer™ fabric wicks efficiently. Hima-Layer™ fabric also excels compared to merino fabrics in preventing moisture vapour build up into sweat. Hima-Layer™ fabric takes water vapour away from the skin to help you stay comfortable as your body temperature rises. In tests, Hima-Layer™ fabric is 17% better at transporting water vapour through it than merino.

Because yak wool is warmer, you need less of it. Hima-Layer™ 230gsm is lighter yet warmer than a merino 260gsm fabric.

Soft & comfortable
The super-soft handle of Hima-Layer™ 230gsm fabric, combined with its wicking and breathability properties, make it supremely comfortable to wear against the skin, day after day, active or not. It is a perfect companion.

UV protection
Hima-Layer™ 230gsm fabric provides 40+ UPF protection.

Odour resistant
Yak wool is naturally anti-bacterial, which means it won't smell, even after extensive use.

"I love the versatility and that I can pack one set of base layers for a trip and they work for all activities. They are always comfortable, keep me warm and move with me. They also keep their shape well and don’t get stretched out or thin the way I have seen others do." Chantelle Robitaille, mountain runner, skier and kora development athlete

"The stuff is fantastic and I can't recommend it enough for durability, range of temperatures for comfort and softness." Ashley, backcountry skier, Salt Lake City.

"I love the new yak undies. I’ve been wearing them a lot. They have no stink (even after the 7 day test at Valhalla lodge)." Leigh, backcountry & nordic skier, British Columbia.

"The top is super comfy, warm, quick drying, and non-stinky." Paul, backcountry skier, Salt Lake City.

"I Arrived at dawn to 18 degrees (F) and clear skies, went out on rope missions to keep folks safe as we open up the mountain. Mid morning, with temps rising moved to a closed area to do lift evac training. By the time we were done it was 41F. Then I was back to 12,000ft and off doing boot packing and snow cutting with snow safety folk to get the snow worked. So how did my Kora perform? From early morning chill to afternoon warmth, under layers and even a full body harness, working hard while climbing then standing on towers or hanging from lift cables, sweating buckets side stepping in a sunny bowl, then skiing at dusk, I was never wet at my core, warm but not hot, no bunching under gear, awesome stuff." Luke Wignall - kora development team member and member of the Colorado SKi Patrol.

"-37F, seems I needed your base layer to extend to my face, gonna lose some skin. Core was toasty though! Luke Wignall, kora development team member

"I was very impressed with how it breathed. It was easy with my top, but the leggings were where I really noticed it. I had them underneath guide pants and was concerned I would actually get too hot and sweaty under warm climates and heavy aerobic activity, but the leggings stayed dry and breathed really well, especially along the waist band and cuffs of the leggings. It’s important to know that the layers also helped to hold heat well when the conditions were really cold. Very comfortable the entire ride. The feel was outstanding and the fit did not fluctuate one bit during the exercise. The Hima-Layer fabric was soft against my skin, seams were properly placed and allowed for articulated movement that was unrestricted and comfortable." Scott Wolfe, kora development team member testing whilst riding his fat bike in the snow in 15 degrees F (-10C).

"The fit is very good and I like the design especially the the wide waist band." Becky Coles, kora development team member.

"[The base layers] are certainly warm and I like the stretchiness and the fit of them which is very appropriate for a performance base layer." Jan Neispiel, kora development team member.

Grough, Bob Smith - Awarded 'best in test' in a comparison of 12 leading base layer brands. - "We used it comfortably in a variety of conditions: cold and wet; cool and dry; and it did what was asked of it. The ShoLa is warm enough to be worn on its own on a cool day and makes a good layering base when up in the mountains in poor conditions. The Hima-Layer fabric – geddit? – feels nice and soft too."

A Luxury Travel Blog, Paul Johnson- "These garments are incredibly warm and will serve as an excellent base layer in even the most extreme environments...If you’re going somewhere adventurous or off-the-beaten track – perhaps cycling, trekking, climbing, camping or skiing - it’s highly recommended that you look this one up."

The Great Outdoors, Chris Townsend- "I’ve worn this base layer on half a dozen day walks and on two overnight trips and I’m impressed. It feels very soft and comfortable next to the skin, wicks moisture fast and dries fairly quickly...The top doesn’t smell after continuous wear – I slept in it on the overnight trips, so it was worn for 30-plus hours non-stop – or after strenuous sweaty exercise... if you want a cool weather base layer this is one of the best around."

Scotland Outdoors 5 Stars- "The baselayer also does a superb job of wicking sweat to the outside. I could actually see this happening. When I unzipped my jacket after cycling hard for an hour and then again half way up a steep Munro I looked down to see water vapour (presumably sweat) on the outside of the top. From here I can only presume it evaporated itself off into the air (or through my Gore-Tex jacket)."

Gear We Are Recommended product - "If I’m being asked to part with £105 for a baselayer, I want it to work some minor miracles. I’d want it to be massively warmer, much more breathable, better wicking, lighter and less likely to get smelly than any other baselayer I owned. And I’d want it to look good too. So, imagine my amazement as this new Yak Wool (Yes, Yak. The hairy mountain beasts from the Himalayas) ticked all of those boxes and lived up to some bold claims by its new British manufacturer."

The Independent Travel Section "Take your pick of the kit" - "Using "Hima-Layer" fabric, these are the first base layers made from yak's wool."

Washing Machine Post - "In my opinion, it achieves everything promised by the manufacturer and then some....if you're a fan of merino, or sad enough to be still clad in polyester, you might be happy to join the vanguard of odourless winter toastiness with a covering of yak wool; it just gets better and better."

In the Snow - "It’s a popular misconception that yak’s wool coarse but in fact it’s yak’s hair that is, not the wool, which is an inner layer of fine wool that the animal grows each year to insulate against the cold and is very soft.  They’ve been growing it in the Himalayas for at least 10,000 years."

Mac's Adventure Blog - "The fit of the kora ShoLa women’s medium size baselayer is perfect. I am usually a UK10. The trunk length is ample and the arm length is brilliant. I have long arms and the sleeves are still long enough to tuck into my gloves."

Trek and Mountain - "Unlike their wiry top coats, inner layers of fine, insulating wool fibres are grown by yaks seasonally to protect them throughout the Himalayan winter. To ensure these base layers offer high protection from the elements, Kora founder Michael Kleinwort spent months in the Himalaya testing each item, while meeting tribes and nomadic yak-herding communities from where the wool is sourced to ensure its sustainability."

Singletrack - "While yak hair is quite coarse (and is used to make tents, rope, and carpets), the underlying wool layer is actually quite soft- keeping yaks warm and comfortable in some truly nasty mountain environments."

Bike Biz - "Move over Merino, yak wool is warmer and better at wicking"

Trek World - Interview with kora founder Michael Kleinwort

As with any wool product, a small amount of shrinkage on washing
(maximum 3%) is normal.
Small Medium Large X Large XX Large
Chest92cm / 36.2”98cm / 38.6”104cm / 40.9”110cm / 43.3”118cm / 46.5”
Measure under the arms and across shoulder blades holding tape firm and level, with your arms by your sides.
Sleeve83cm / 32.6”85cm / 33.5”88cm / 34.6”90cm / 35.4”94cm / 37”
With arm relaxed at your side and slightly bent, measure from centre back of the neck, over point of shoulder, down the outside of the arm to the wrist bone.

Small Medium Large X Large
Waist76cm / 29.9”82cm / 32.3”88cm / 34.6”94cm / 37”
Measure around your natural waistline.
Seat95cm / 37.4”101cm / 39.8”107cm / 42.1”113cm / 44.5”
Measure around fullest point of seat while standing.
Inseam80cm / 31.5”81.5cm / 32”83cm / 32.7”84.5cm 33.3”
Measure pants that fit you well. Lay them flat with the front and back creased smooth. Measure along the inseam from crotch to bottom of leg hem. If wearing them, measure from crotch to inside ankle bone.

Stress-free returns and exchanges
If you order the wrong size or just change your mind, you can return items within 90 days for a refund or exchange. Items must be in their original packaging (with tags still attached), unused and not damaged or rendered non-saleable. Find out more about returns, refunds and exchanges.

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