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  • Sho’la – The Sacred Pass Crossed

    Jeff Fuchs, kora ambassador Another team, another time, another season, the same pass. Sho’La and its stone heights await once more, as it always has and always will. One of mountains’ great truths is that the mountains don’t move for any force…

    Sho’la – The Sacred Pass Crossed
  • New Year, New Challenges

    In truth, ISPO feels like an age ago. The count-down to the next winter season has already begun, and the factories are grinding back into gear after the Chinese New Year festivities. We are pushing on with garment making: the belated, final step in…

    New Year, New Challenges
  • An update from our founder, Michael

    Someone once said to me that life is what happens as you make plans. So it is with kora… We are a tiny company with a long way to go: we have not yet sold a single garment; we have no retail partners; no advertising in any media and only the tinies…

    An update from our founder, Michael
  • An Eternal Pass: Sho’La

    Part l: An Ancient and a White Fury Jeff Fuchs, kora explorer & ambassador An ancient muleteer once said of Sho’La Pass, “The pass will decide who can continue on their journey, and even then, it might change its mind”. A storm system move…

    An Eternal Pass: Sho’La
  • A deal struck

    The road stretches out. As one landscape rises from another, the ebb and flow offers eons in which to wander. Memories come and go - of sad eyes, of lessons learned, of failures. These mountains absorb and look straight back. It is an unflinching …

    A deal struck

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