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  • Anye Maqen - the Snow Mountain

    The car bumped its way off the main road 80kms from Maduo and the mountain soon comes into view, brandishing its glaciers and peaks against the big blue sky. We gaze silently, in awe. Even from this distance we can see that it is vast, its broad sho…

    Anye Maqen - the Snow Mountain
  • Tsam Tso - The Salt Lake

    “ This place is a real shit-hole”. Jeff furrows his brow. He’s right - from our vantage point on a low ridge, we can see that Maduo is a few rows of asphalt and grey brick. Dust fills our eyes and lungs, and blank gazes follow us as we hunch ou…

  • And then nothing

    No houses, no tents, yak or fences. Total emptiness. We are travelling fast across a plateau that is watched on all sides by daunting snow-etched hills. And beyond, almost obscured by the clouds we glimpse mountains - towering peaks snow-bound, beaut…

    And then nothing
  • Still waiting

    we are still in Daré which is putting us both a bit on edge. We were hoping to be picked up today to head to Hongkor but its 6pm already and so we are resigned to another night here. We know that we must be patient but we are starting to get nervous…

  • A day in Daré

    We enjoy an incredible morning. The sun is out and we take the opportunity to test our legs by climbing the tallest hill in the local area. It’s a one and a half hour hike up - 4kms, most of it at 20 degrees, with a total ascent of 600ms. The praye…

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