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Behind-the-scenes with the team at Kora

Inside Kora

  • New Year, New Challenges

    In truth, ISPO feels like an age ago. The count-down to the next winter season has already begun, and the factories are grinding back into gear after the Chinese New Year festivities. We are pushing on with garment making: the belated, final step in…

    New Year, New Challenges
  • An update from our founder, Michael

    Someone once said to me that life is what happens as you make plans. So it is with kora… We are a tiny company with a long way to go: we have not yet sold a single garment; we have no retail partners; no advertising in any media and only the tinies…

    An update from our founder, Michael
  • A deal struck

    The road stretches out. As one landscape rises from another, the ebb and flow offers eons in which to wander. Memories come and go - of sad eyes, of lessons learned, of failures. These mountains absorb and look straight back. It is an unflinching …

    A deal struck
  • A trial begins

    It is wool collection time and I am back in the mountains of Qinghai, bordering Tibet. Much has happened since I was last here, and indeed since I last updated you. The biggest, most important news is that production of the first clothing run is unde…

    A trial begins
  • Factory travails

    It is late February and with Lunar New Year celebrations over, the time again comes for the largest human migration in History to take place, barely 4 weeks since it last happened. 160m workers - among them smelters, seamstresses, construction worke…

    Factory travails

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