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Our Mission

There are two things we hope to achieve when we go to work in the morning:

Making exceptional apparel to help our customers achieve their toughest athletic challenges

And, support positive change among Himalayan communities.

It’s not always easy.

In fact, it’s often really challenging. But making the highest-performance garments while making a positive impact on the world is our guiding principle.

We help the people and ecology of the Himalayas by sourcing yak wool from nomadic herders on the Qinghai Tibet plateau. Our goal is to help them to adapt to change while also maintaining their culture, knowledge and traditions.

We’ve teamed up with Kegawa Herders’ Cooperative, a collective of more than 90 families in the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. We pledge to buy all their available wool at a premium over the market price.

To access wool beyond our reach, we also use a network of local agents on the plateau, but our ultimate goal is to buy all our wool directly from herder cooperatives.

We think it’s really important to get to know our suppliers. Our founder Michael makes frequent trips to our sourcing communities and the factories that make our clothes.

By buying a Kora garment, you are contributing directly to the Himalayan communities that we work with, and you stack the odds in your favour.

Kora apparel helps you to achieve more.

Independent laboratory tests have proved that our Hima-Layer Original 230 fabric is warmer and more breathable than equivalent merino fabrics. In addition, it is soft like cashmere. Zero itch. So you’ll take on your challenges free of discomfort.

How do we craft these unique fabrics into outstanding garments trusted by outdoor adventurers and mountain professionals alike?

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