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What people are saying about Kora

Customer Reviews

Amazing!!! ...buy it!!!

"The material is amazing. The quarter zip is my go to base layer when I expect to be exerting myself beyond what the wool will handle. Compared to my merino, my Kora blows it out of the water. I cannot imagine any improvement above what Kora already applies! Do not second guess yourself, buy it!!!!" - by Boone

Simply the best base layer I have ever worn.

"For high level ski mountaineering and extreme mountain biking (vert riding) simply the best base layer i have ever worn. After three seasons of intensive use some tufts of wool left on the skin after activity." -by Alberto

Extremely comfortable!

"The Shola is an extremely comfortable top! Initial when putting the top on it is a little chilly against the skin however after a few minutes a lovely balanced temperature is reached which is kept through high intensity and then sitting around. The zip is a great addition for the fine tuning of temperature." - By Jayme

I’m sold …sorry Merino!

"After returning from my trip with temps averaging -19°C/-2°F (dipped to -25°C/-13°F), I can say the Kora Shola combo proved it's value. Overall, the Shola 230 was warmer than my Merino 230 (which I wore 1 day to compare) and was so soft and comfortable, I never wanted to completely remove even after a long day of activities. Lucky for me, the Yak has excellent vapor permeability/drying properties that transferred all my moisture to the outside layers. I'm sold and look forward to using my Shola 230 Zip and 3/4 Leggings again in cold temps with full confidence... sorry Merino!" - by Jay

The Future of Base Layers

"I mainly use the kora shola for motorcycle winter commuting and trips. The top fits very nicely and is surprisingly not as a itchy as I'd have expected, in fact I'd say less so than my merino wool base layer. The material feels thick and well made. I can feel the difference between this wool and merino and it does indeed feel warmer. A valuable addition to anyone out in the cold. If you are after a decent base layer it's worth the extra money, comfort in the cold doesn't have a price. I can't think of anything bad to say about it!" - By Dan

It feels fantastic!

"The reviews are correct that this is very soft and feels great, having worn merino for years I am looking forward to testing this great base layer. the fit is perfect" - By Simon

Press Reviews

"We Tested Yak Wool, And It’s Awesome ...Exceptional. Cut to an athletic fit, this 100 percent yak wool layer is warm, quick drying, and comfortable. Fashionistas among us may actually be more familiar with this fabric-tech than the hardcore outdoors crowd. The material can be found in small batch sweaters as an alternative to cashmere – typically considered the finest and softest of all wool fabric."

Move over, merino: Yak wool is here!

Built from yak wool, the Shola can go many days without having to be washed before it starts to smell. And the moisture-wicking layer is warm enough for cold rides and breathable for trips when the temps rise.

AWARDED 'BEST IN TEST'. "Warm enough to be worn on its own on a cool day and makes a good layering base when up in the mountains in poor conditions."

AWARDED ‘RECOMMENDED PRODUCT’. “If I’m being asked to part with £105 for a baselayer, I want it to work some minor miracles. I’d want it to be massively warmer, much more breathable, better wicking, lighter and less likely to get smelly than any other baselayer I owned. And I’d want it to look good too. So, imagine my amazement as this new Yak Wool (Yes, Yak. The hairy mountain beasts from the Himalayas) ticked all of those boxes and lived up to some bold claims by its new British manufacturer.”

AWARDED FIVE STARS. “I wore the yak wool baselayer when cycling, running and Munro bagging. And so far there has been no sweaty whiff whatsoever...At no point did I feel damp on my skin and even after exercising, when I stopped to get into the car and drive for an hour, I stayed warm and dry… The Kora Yak baselayers are not cheap, with starting prices of £95 for men’s and women’s leggings and tops and the ShoLa women’s long-sleeved baselayer costing £105, but I have been very impressed by the performance.”

It feels very soft and comfortable next to the skin, wicks moisture fast and dries fairly quickly ...The top doesn’t smell after continuous wear – I slept in it on the overnight trips, so it was worn for 30-plus hours non-stop – or after strenuous sweaty exercise... if you want a cool weather base layer this is one of the best around."

"A surprisingly lightweight and tough mid-layer that does a fine job as an outer layer in dry weather, too. I found it to be comfortable on some blustery early-morning trail runs in Griffith Park and as a comfortable outer or mid layer in colder climates this winter, including one especially frigid weekend in Connecticut when the wind chill brought the temperature well below zero. The jacket’s functional features like thumb-loops and stowaway pockets are great whether you’re hiking, running, or just walking the streets looking for a bite to eat. And I’ll just note that the visual design of the jacket was stylish enough to get compliments on a recent trip to Paris (!), so you may want to consider that, too."

"Achieves everything promised by the manufacturer and then some....if you're a fan of merino, or sad enough to be still clad in polyester, you might be happy to join the vanguard of odourless winter toastiness with a covering of yak wool; it just gets better and better."

"Though [the price] seems high, its $145 price tag isn’t out of line compared with some of the nicer merino baselayers and mid-layers out there, and the performance actually seems a bit better in a few areas. Once you wear it a few times, you may just become a yak believer too."

"Mentioned in the Best Base Layers for men list."

"Don’t confuse this top with wool or cashmere—it’s made from hand-plucked yak wool sourced from nomadic Himalayan herders. We found yak to be equal to merino wool in wicking performance and odour resistance, but better for temperature regulation, breathability and especially softness. (There’s not even a hint of itch.)"

"Yak wool conjures images of ice-cold treks in far off lands, so I was surprised to learn that this versatile fabric works like a hyper-modern textile. Soft as cashmere, this super-flattering crew kept me comfortable during a recent stage race where the temperatures jumped from sweltering 85 degrees down to a cool 45. —Jessie Sebor, editor in chief"

"Recently I was sent Kora's Hima-Layer Original 230 pull-over baselayer to try out for myself, and it’s safe to say that I came away quite impressed... At $160, the the Hima-Layer Original doesn't come cheap. But for those looking for the best performance imaginable out of their baselayers this is the garment for you. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it is the best baselayer that I've ever tried, particularly when it comes to providing plenty of warmth while still managing to wick away moisture and dry very quickly too. I know I was incredibly happy to have it with me on my trip to Canada, where it proved its worth on multiple occasions. After all, when the thermometer says it is -45º outside, you don't need your gear letting you down."

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