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How Kora Helps You Go Further. Comfortably


Start using The Science of Nature to support your athletic performance in extreme environments

Over 10,000 years in the high mountains, yaks have evolved to endure the cold, the altitude and fast-changing weather conditions. They have developed an ultra-fine inner layer of wool with supreme insulation and wickability to stay warm and to function effectively whether faced with a snowstorm or a blazing sun.

Yak wool’s remarkable properties have been known to nomads for thousands of years. Now, this rare and yet sustainable wool, one of the Himalayas’ best kept secrets , has been developed into the ultimate performance fabric for your benefit.

Kora first identified the properties in yak wool highly suitable for base layers worn in the outdoors.

Through a rigorous programme of laboratory testing and long-term wear trials, Kora has developed a unique range of clothing: natural, high performance fabrics that harness and maximise these performance properties for your benefit.


Why Kora’s Hima-Layer fabrics are your safest choice

Whatever the conditions, when setting off into the outdoors, you need a system of layers that helps you maintain your core body temperature.
Kora base layers are your first and best line of defence.

It’s warmer

Yak is much warmer than merino. In tests the Hima-Layer Original 230 fabric was 40% warmer weight-for-weight when compared to similar merino fabrics. Nature has designed it this way to keep the yaks warm in some of the harshest conditions on the planet.

It’s more breathable

Your body maintains its core temperature by a combination of thermal mechanisms designed to keep your temperature stable. The most important consideration in a base layer is its ability to pass moisture vapour out and let fresh dry air in. Tests have shown that weight-for-weight Hima-Layer Original 230 has 66% more air permeability than merino, and it is 17% better at transporting water vapour through the fabric than merino competitor fabrics. It is an ideal first layer

It wicks faster

Yak wool wicks efficiently, taking moisture away from the skin to help you stay comfortable as you exercise and your body temperature rises.

It’s lighter

With its additional natural warmth, less yak wool is needed. Kora base layers are light yet warm and breathable. When only proven essentials are taken and every gram has to earn its way onto your kit list, this is a precious advantage.

It won’t smell

Yak wool is naturally anti-bacterial. It won’t smell, even after extensive use. It has a microscopic roughness that does not attract microbes in the manner of a smooth synthetic fibre. It is this build-up of bacteria that is the source of unpleasant smells. The yak wool reduces the opportunity for odours to develop because it quickly absorbs sweat and releases it into the air.

It’s softer

The superfine micron of the yak wool and the unique flex in the yak fibre give Hima-Layer fabrics their incredible soft handle. Combined with its wicking and breathability properties, Hima-Layer Original 230 is supremely comfortable to wear against the skin, day after day, active or not. It is a perfect companion.

Built-in UV protection

Kora’s Hima-Layer Original 230 fabric provides 40+ UPF protection.


What all these benefits mean for you

1. Push your limits

Adventure is vital to improve our understanding of the world around us. You risk nothing, you gain nothing.

By pushing our limits we learn about ourselves and about the planet.

When seeking out the challenges that nature offers, you need apparel that is fit-for-purpose, it must excel, and it must be in tune with the world you are exploring.

The less energy you burn to stay warm, the more you can dedicate to movement. So if you plan to get outdoors in cold conditions, Kora base layers are your best choice to push your limits.

2. Experience fully

There is always a moment in a trek, an expedition, a first ascent, an outdoor challenge, where the experience of the place is everything.

To get to that moment an athlete will endure because it is often the most challenging environments that offer the most unforgettable experiences.

In the mountains on a multi-day trek, skiing, mountaineering or on a day hike, you can experience the real power of nature.

In today’s fast paced world, it is all too easy to blink and miss it, but these experiences are not forgotten. They stay with you. They make you who you are.

You must seek out these moments. To do so, you must endure because Nature has protected its most sacred places with natural defences: elevation, inaccessible terrain, extreme weather.

3. Gain Freedom

Whether you’re climbing a Himalayan peak , hiking the Appalachian Trail or ripping first tracks in Whistler-Blackcomb, you should be free to focus on the path ahead.

You need appropriate protection to survive in these extremes. The best expedition clothing enables optimal performance in the harshest conditions, freeing us to experience these defining moments.

In providing you with comfort and performance, your Kora clothing lets you forget about your gear and focus on the freedom of the environment.

Our clothes are designed for maximum comfort and ease of movement, so you can perform freely at your best in changing weather conditions and challenging environments.

You can rely on your Kora clothing to keep you warm and comfortable when you need it most. More comfort ultimately means more freedom, better performance and more joy.


More Comfort, More Freedom, More Joy...come at a price

We believe in fair trade and fair value.

From the Tibetan plateau to your home, we avoid intermediaries to give you the highest-quality equipment at the right price.

Even if our margins are much lower than most of our competition, our products are still some of the priciest. The reason is simple. The rare raw Yak Wool bought at a fair price is more expensive than merino and not to mention synthetic.

Because of the low margins available, the difficulty to get the natural raw materials and to turn it into a fabrics… No other company makes 100% pure Yak Wool performance apparel .

If you are someone who is looking for the very best performance apparel that offers the greatest warmth, breathability and all-round performance, then Kora is your best choice in the market.

Look at what experts say about the price
People reading this review will ask if the extra warmth and performance is worth the extra cost. My response is you basically get what you pay for; you will not be disappointed with the Kora Shola. - Ultralightinsights.com
If I’m being asked to part with £105 for a baselayer, I want it to work some minor miracles. I’d want it to be massively warmer, much more breathable, better wicking, lighter and less likely to get smelly than any other base layer I owned. And I’d want it to look good too. So, imagine my amazement as this new Yak Wool ticked all of those boxes and lived up to some bold claims by its new British manufacturer. - Gear We Ar

Highly acclaimed for 5 years by the press, adventurers and extreme athletes

Gear Junkie

"Exceptional. Cut to an athletic fit, this 100 percent yak wool layer is warm, quick drying, and comfortable."


"It feels softer against my skin than merino and softer to the touch, like cashmere. ...For active winter sports in colder weather, worn under a shell jacket or alone on warmer days, I was very pleased with its warmth, breathability, and comfort.”


“...yak wool not itchy, it has a luxurious feel. …. the yak wool base layer was all that was needed to keep the author warm all day. The breathability was appreciated during some out of bounds hiking…”


Awarded 'Best in Test'. "Warm enough to be worn on its own on a cool day and makes a good layering base when up in the mountains in poor conditions."

Gear We Are

Awarded ‘Recommended product’. ...massively warmer, much more breathable, better wicking, lighter and less likely to get smelly than any other base layer I own….looks good too. ...this new Yak Wool ticked all of those boxes and lived up to some bold claims...”

Scotland Outdoors

Awarded Five Stars. “I wore the yak wool base layer when cycling, running and Munro bagging. And so far there has been no sweaty whiff whatsoever...At no point did I feel damp on my skin and even after exercising, when I stopped to get into the car and drive for an hour, I stayed warm and dry.”

The Great Outdoors

“It feels very soft and comfortable next to the skin, wicks moisture fast and dries fairly quickly...The top doesn’t smell after continuous wear – I slept in it on the overnight trips, so it was worn for 30-plus hours non-stop – or after strenuous sweaty exercise... if you want a cool weather base layer this is one of the best around."

Washing Machine Post

"Achieves everything promised by the manufacturer and then some....if you're a fan of merino, or sad enough to be still clad in polyester, you might be happy to join the vanguard of odourless winter toastiness with a covering of yak wool; it just gets better and better."

Jeff Fuchs, Explorer

“The yak wool’s warmth and ability to endure day-after-day wear with fluctuating temperatures makes it a must. It also remains a fabric that is my base layer on most days just ‘living’ here in Shangri-La. ”

Try Kora risk-free. You love it or get your money back.

We are pretty confident that you will love your new Kora. Moreover, we believe that it will become your most precious companion for you next adventures. That’s why we guarantee everything we make.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase or if one of our products does not perform to your satisfaction, you can send it back to us for a refund. For more information on our Terms & Conditions click here


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