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Hima Layer ™

Making The World’s Best Performance Wool Fabrics


Himalayan nomads have been wearing yak wool for centuries, but we're the first company to develop this astonishing fibre into high performance technical fabrics for outdoor adventurers.

Unlike some outdoor clothing brands, we don't buy our fabrics. We make them.

We spent 3 years perfecting our fabrics through our in-house development programme called Hima-Layer™. Starting from the raw wool, which we buy ourselves from Tibetan communities to ensure its origin and quality, we design both our fabrics and our clothing with the same fanatical attention to detail.

To achieve the superior performance and comfort in kora’s apparel, all our garments must undergo extensive laboratory testing and long term wear trials carried out by our team of ambassadors.

Our ambassadors are all outdoor professionals, passionate about the mountains and the kit they choose to take with them. They test our apparel in extreme and real world conditions: on expedition in Arctic Greenland, crossing the ChangThang plateau in the Himalayas, climbing in Chilean Patagonia or ski touring in the Swiss Alps. But the apparel is also tested for countless other real world settings: on the long-haul journeys to and from these locations, and on thousands of hours of cumulative training runs, hikes, rides and skis. Our apparel has been tested in extreme conditions around the world; but it is built for everyday wear in the real world. .



Hima-Layer™ Original 230 is a pure yak wool base layer fabric with remarkable temperature-regulating properties.

The benefits include:

  • Wonderfully warm in very cold weather, yet cool and comfortable during intense exercise
  • Breathable and draws moisture away from the skin so you stay dry
  • Soft and itch-free for more comfort
  • Natural stretch that flexes as you move
  • Naturally odour-resistant, so you can wear it for days at a time and pack light
  • Built-in 40+ UPF sun protection
  • Easy to care for. Machine wash at a cool temperature
  • Dries fast.

You can find our Hima-Layer Original 230 fabric in our Shola Crew base layer and Shola Zip base layer tops, Shola Leggings and Shola 3/4 Leggings , Shola Men's Shorts ,  and Tarn Gaiter .

Kora Hima-Layer Original 230


Hima-Layer™ Stratam 350 is an innovative dual layer fabric designed for use in mid-layers.

It features superfine yak wool on the inside and DuPont™ Sorona®, a renewably-sourced biopolymer, on the outside.

The benefits include:

  • Outstanding warmth-for-weight Yak wool inner layer has a terry loop construction.
  • It provides excellent insulation in cold conditions and pull away moisture during intense workouts
  • Sorona® outer layer adds durability for wearing under pack straps and harnesses
  • Soft and itch-free, with a natural stretch that flexes as you move
  • Yak wool is naturally odour-resistant, so you can wear it for days at a time and pack light
  • Machine washable in a cool wash
  • Quick to dry

You can find Hima-Layer Stratam 350 in our Azog Hooded Jacket , Azog Jersey and the Holocene Vest. 

Kora Hima-Layer Stratam 350

Hima-Layer™ Yardang 240 fabric

Our mission is to develop outstanding outdoor apparel using performance wool fabrics that leverage yak wool’s unique Himalaya-born properties. Yardang 240 is the newest offering from our in-house development brand, Hima-Layer™. Merino is breathable, moisture wicking and naturally odour-resistant; yak wool is phenomenally warm and ultra-soft. We’ve combined super-fine merino with a dash of our finest yak wool to make an ultra-soft, robust interlock knit fabric with augmented warmth - for - weight - think of it as a supercharged Merino.

  • Weight: 240gsm
  • 70% merino, 30% yak wool: 100% natural fabric
  • Interlock knit
  • Uses: Base layer, Mid layer

The benefits include:

  • Augmented warmth for weight
  • Ultra-soft handle & itch free
  • Robust, durable fabric
  • Smooth finish
  • Natural anti-odour
  • Moisture management
  • Temperature regulating


According to the tests carried out in independent laboratories, this fabric is weight-for-weight:

  • 40% warmer
  • 66% more breathable
  • 17% faster at transporting water vapour away from the skin

Just like merino, it’s naturally odour-resistant, while its softness has been compared to cashmere.

While merino sheep live at around 1,000 metres above sea level, yaks live in a more challenging environment. They endure hail, ice, wind and rain at 5000 - 6000 metres altitude.




This study shows that Kora base layers are the ideal choice for your winter challenges

A study by Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Sport & Exercise Science has shown that when exercising in low temperatures, base layers made with Hima-Layer™ Original 230 maintain core body temperature better than synthetic or merino base layers.

During the test, researchers measured the surface temperature of the test subjects' skin to see how much heat they were losing while running. The test subjects who wore yak wool lost an average of just -3.5˚C, compared to a -6˚C drop when wearing merino and -8˚C when wearing polyester.

The less energy you burn to stay warm, the more you can dedicate to movement. So if you plan to exercise in cold conditions, Kora base layers are your best choice.


Our wool is ethically sourced

Our wool comes from yaks raised by nomadic herders on the Himalayan Plateau.

Each spring, the yaks begin to lose their soft wool underlayer for the summer. The herders collect the loose wool (a painless process for the yaks) and bring it to market.

Since 2012 we've worked with Kegawa Herders Cooperative, a group of more than 80 nomad families. We guarantee to buy all their wool at a premium, giving them an income they can rely on. We also pay an extra fee at the end of the collection season, as a thank you for partnering with us.

The rest of our wool is bought from a network of local agents, but eventually we aim to source all our wool directly from herder families.

You want to know more about mission and responsibility, click here.


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